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Arch services required for Kalakshetra Foundation’s library block project

Kalakshetra Foundation, an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, invites sealed quotation from the registered Architects who are well conversant with traditional buildings including Interior and Development works from conceptualization to detailed working drawings for the proposed unified library block with modern class rooms in Kalakshetra Foundation campus, Chennai.

The Architect has to plan and prepare conceptual design and drawings as per requirement of Kalakshetra Foundation. The Architect is required to provide comprehensive architectural services, from beginning till the end of the project, including preparation of detailed drawings depicting interior layouts and schematics with all specifications viz. Architectural, Electrical, Fire Fighting, AC etc. for various areas required to undertake the construction of the project out of the following field / services any /all of which may be required for the project.

The tender documents can be downloaded either from the Foundation’s website at www.kalakshetra.in or www.eprocure.gov.in. Last date for submitting bids is 30/03/20.

Tender Reference Number: 43/2019-2020/EM Dt-16.03.2020

Tender ID: 2020_KFC_528296_1

For further details, click here:

Kalakshetra Foundation tender

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