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Arch consultancy services for Raipur Smart City

NBCC (India) Ltd has been allotted five properties in Raipur, Chhattisgarh for development purposes:

i) Ganj Mandi (26 acres), Raipur

ii) Sastri Market (8 acres), Raipur

iii) Vacant plot (2.7 acres) at Bhaistan, Raipur

iv) Naveen Market (1.33 acres), Raipur

v) Vacant plot (2 acres) at Dumartarai, Raipur

NBCC is planning for phase-wise joint development of these properties into Commercial Complexes with Retail/ Office/ Commercial/ Multiplex spaces and Market Complexes. Estimated project cost is Rs 750 crore.

NBCC has now invited tenders for providing Comprehensive & Composite Design and Engineering Consultancy services for Development of these properties for Design Engineering, drawings & detailing of built up areas as per Local Development norms.

The scope of work includes detailed phase-wise Architectural and Engineering Consultancy Services for the proposed development of land parcels/properties for each of the five locations including due diligence, preparation of most viable financial model. Providing comprehensive engineering services from concept to commissioning such as preparation of Master Plan, conducting various surveys,

investigations, Land use Change (wherever required), preparation of DPR, Estimates, Model & Walkthrough, statutory approvals from various statutory/local authorities, planning, design & drawing for the project and other works as defined in GCC.

Time period for the completion of the project is 36 months and the estimated consultancy fee id Rs 3.75 crore. Last date for submitting the tender is 31/05/19. Tender documents can be downloaded from websites  www.tenderwizard.com/NBCCand www.eprocure.gov.in.

Tender Reference Number: NBCC/ CPG/ Consultancy/ RSCL/Raipur/ 2019/104

Tender ID: 2019_NBCC_438684_1

For further details, click here:

Raipur Tendernotice_1 (7)

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