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‘The overall theme is contemporary minimalistic’, Ar. Manish Dikshit

‘The highlight of this duplex is its height. Today to find such a voluminous space in Mumbai is a rarity. Hence it was crucial not to pile various elements that would scale down the space’, says Ar. Manish Dikshit, Aum Architects towards Pent House for Mr Agarwal, Malad, Mumbai

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The client wanted to amplify the spaciousness of the four bedroom duplex apartment. The planning had to be such that the design would flow from one room to another making it feel boundless as well as to give a distinct appeal to the entire space making it aesthetically pleasing. The four bedroom 4,200-sq.ft. duplex comprises of the entrance lobby, bar, dining area, living room, kitchen and guest bedroom, with a large balcony for the living area & guest bedroom giving a marvellous view outside. Along with the master bedroom and guest room, the other two bedrooms are for kids; all the rooms had to reflect the personality of the individuals.

Keeping every aspects of client’s brief in mind, our team started conceptualizing the design. The highlight of this duplex is its height. Today to find such a voluminous space in Mumbai is a rarity. Hence it was crucial not to pile various elements that would scale down the space. 

The overall theme is contemporary Minimalistic; with each room having a different flavour to it. The floor-to-ceiling windows add up the beauty; the look is further enhanced by the use of vertical furniture designs and panelling.

The cross ventilation and natural light filtering has enriched the home with shading elements and also animating space with the shifting of the sun rays the entire day.

Wall treatments designed in a way so as to amplify the height of the space. The moss-tile wall above the breakfast area is soothing and also swells the height. The living-dining area has been kept subtle with white walls; the customised black and brown ceiling converges on the only grey wall in the room thus demarcating the dining area in the open layout. A zesty lime green partition in the living room brings in some privacy towards the bar. En route the upper level a mural in stainless steel of ‘birds in flight’ forms an attractive treatment. This was picked in Hong Kong. A glamorous console made of wood and fancy cut-mirror was sourced from China and is one of the striking features of the family room. The hand-carved sandstone jaali adds a traditional touch to the otherwise modern family room.

The elegant Brazilian black-floored master bedroom exudes the style & is highlighted with use of a lit up headboard a contrasting black leatherite with cushioning to match the bed. The bedroom is done up in shades of dark brown and black tones. 

Another exclusive element is the false ceiling in son’s bedroom. The Hexagonal suspended ceiling makes an interesting pattern in the Steampunk inspired son’s room. A metallic colour palette has been followed. The daughter’s bedroom is subtly feminine and chic. The ambience created inside the master bedroom and daughter’s bedroom flows into attached terrace.

Talking about the execution challenges, the major issue was the location of the staircase, as it was located outside the kitchen by the builder due to which the living area looks smaller and gets divided in two expandable spaces. To overcome this hurdle, the staircase was relocated to the double-height entrance lobby area, creating a functional ‘space within a space’ for a compact family-cum-puja room. Another problem was with the use of light fixtures. The intense wind pressure created problems in selecting hanging light pendants and fixtures as they get swayed when the windows are left open. So we came up with the solution of using custom made light fixtures with sturdy rods. There was a small utility duct at the entrance; we converted into a bar. The flow of elements across the family rooms is vivid. There is a Turkish approach for the bar, a more rustic look for the dining area and a very minimal chic feel in the formal living amalgamating to form one cohesive room. Along the way to the top floor to family lounge area, ‘birds in flight’ mural made up of stainless steel is a best attractive artwork, specially selected from Hong Kong. This mural gives a direction of motion. Another special element is the Hexagonal suspended sheets in the son’s bedroom, forming up a amusing pattern on the false ceiling. The mandir area has got hand-carved sandstone jaali design with customized aluminium framed LED lights with green turf flooring which is seen in the living room balcony is another eye-catching element. Every single element used is gelling up with each other so well that it creates a peaceful environment.

fact sheet

  • project: Pent House for Mr Agarwal
  • location: Malad, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • client: Kapil Agarwal
  • architect: Aum Architects. Manish Dikshit
  • year of completion: 2017
  • area (sq.m): 4,300-sq.ft.
  • materials: flooring: Italian Marble flooring
  • wall cladding: customised wallpaper and asian paints
  • interior finishes: Veneers, Corian, Composite panel
  • photographs: Noshir Gobhai 

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