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Gitesh Gupta and Sarah Goswami, Studio BluOra

Ar. Gitesh Gupta, Founder

Gitesh Gupta is the Founder at Studio BluOra. An architect by qualification, he is a self-taught photographer whose love for photography began seven years ago while exploring wildlife and street photography. Owing to his continuous passion for learning and a keen eye for detail, Gitesh is now carving a niche for himself as a photographer in the architecture and design industry. As a Founder, not only does he lead the team efficiently in all projects but also handles the post-processing segment of the studio. His expansive technical knowledge of the field and leadership skills have added immensely to the studio’s work profile. Gitesh’s clients have been published in numerous national and online media.
Outside of work, he can be seen venturing the streets of Jaipur, exploring his old love for street photography and documenting people and places.

Ar. Sarah Goswami, Co-Founder

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at Studio BluOra, Sarah Goswami is key to the studio’s structure. Graduating in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in architecture, Sarah manages all client operations and allocates resources at the studio. Drawing from her past experience in the architecture and design industry, she supervises exterior/interior styling at the site. Passionate about architectural and interior photography and its possibilities as a strong visual narrative, Sarah facilitates creative execution of all projects. Her varied background as an architect, writer and an interior decorator has laid down the perfect foundation for her role as a co-founder and a business developer at the studio. A firm believer of equal rights and opportunities, Sarah is currently busy developing a talented and a diverse team at the studio-–equipped to handle different verticals and work challenges. When she is not working, Sarah loves to relax with a good book and a nice cup of tea in her balcony.

about Studio BluOra

Every great company begins with a dream. The dream of setting up Studio BluOra began a few years ago and came to realization in 2017. What started as a hobby in 2012, slowly turned to true passion and paved the way for an architectural and interior photography studio based out of Jaipur.

BluOra, literally meaning blue hour in Italian is the brainchild of Gitesh Gupta and Sarah Goswami who are both architects by qualification and share a common passion for photography and visual story-telling.

Since story-telling lies at the core of our process, we create and curate stunning images that help businesses and entrepreneurs in marketing, advertising and branding. We help in weaving a visual narrative of your design by creating pictures that are easy to interpret, hence, making the brand irresistible to the target audience. Equipped with state-of-the-art photography gear and seven years of experience, we ensure that every picture we click brings attention to the mystery, the essence and the in-betweens of a project – letting your design do the talking. Our studio creates pictures that lend a bespoke form of expression to your design and are as distinctive as your brand.


We have no special talents. We are only passionately curious.

Fuelled by the motto ‘God lies in the details’, we at Studio BluOra document each project keeping in mind the minutest of details, focusing on the story of the project – essentially bringing a project to life through pictures. As photographers, we understand that the quality of an image can make or break a project’s appeal. Therefore, at Studio BluOra our team of experts has been trained to push the boundaries while documenting projects.

Our portfolio of work is a mix of modern and traditional architecture and spans across three categories–Residential, Commercial and Hospitality. Our clients include but are not limited to architects, builders, hoteliers, businesses, developers, fabricators, interior designers. We also provide our Architectural and Interior photography services for magazines and editorials.

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