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Akshat Bhatt, Principal Architect, Architecture Discipline

Akshat Bhatt is the principal architect of Architecture Discipline. He graduated from TVB School of Habitat Studies in 2002, and has worked with the acclaimed British firm Penoyre and Prasad. He established Architecture Discipline as a small practice in 2007 – a multi-disciplinary design studio that explores architecture through the scales of urban
design, architecture and product design. The studio is engaged in the design of building typologies such as town halls, hotels, schools, offices, residences, sound and video production studios. The result of every commission is determined by a series of critical design processes that result in an architectural expression that is contextually charged and contemporary. Buildings are integrated from conceptual framework to the tactile experience. The Studio innovates formal arrangements, engineering and m.e.p. services in order to advance principles of Sustainable Design, which are visible in the overall expression of the projects.

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