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Varanasi airport will soon have new terminal

Airport Authority of India is planning to build a terminal building at Varanasi airport incorporating new features and facilities. The entire project is expected to cost Rs 654 crore. The new building will capture local architectural features and it will be part of design features of terminal.

New terminal building with an area of 52,000 sq.m. (excluding 24,000 sq.m area of existing terminal building) and basement           of area 15,000 sq.m. Considering the fast growing air traffic and demand for better passenger facilities an area of 9,900 sq.m. (approx.) will be kept for retail/commercial outlets/retiring rooms and airlines offices. The building  will be provided with      aesthetically appealing & soothing interior decoration. Space planning will be so done to ensure no dead space or area is created in the building.

The building will have several green features and ease of maintenance will be one of the main factors that will considered in the design. Maintenance friendly roofing & building façade system including provision of regular cleaning with maintenance hoists,               hooks, etc. including cat walks/rope suspended platform gondola etc. will be provided.

The needs of old and differently abled people will also be kept in mind while designing the new terminal. Some ramps will be provided for entry and exit of differently‐abled persons in departure and arrival area. Provision of battery operated buggies for senior citizens/differently-abled persons. Security hold area and Concourse area are to be provided with adequate numbers of toilets for men, women and differently‐abled persons and drinking water.

Four‐lane vehicular road from terminal building/Car parking with canopy covering two lanes in front of the terminal building on the city side and connecting the main approach road to the city will be built. Further, features like horticulture, landscaping, modern drainage system, rain harvesting will also form part of the project.

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