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They build green walls to protect from pollution

Israeli start-up Vertical Field (VF) has developed the Vertical Forest wall that is a unique concept to create a wall that is ventilated, easy to maintain, and suitable for large wall coverings. VF is a worldwide pioneer in the designing and building of modular, lush green vertical gardens and fields. Innovative and unique in their approach of creating living walls, VF designs its own system with VF’s state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology.

The wall incorporates smart planters, which provide the plants with everything they need. The planters, which were developed over about 5 years, provide an efficient way to provide the plants with water, air, and minerals and can be maintained easily and economically. A unique, high-quality stainless-steel cable system is part of the wall, which secures the planters. This structure is quickly covered with plants; plants are placed at different heights, and it is possible to maintain each part separately.

Similarly, another product, Bio Filter, purifies air by removing 95% of the pollutants in a building. With the help of an advanced photosynthesis process and the integration of live plants and titanium dioxide in the product, VF has produced an air purification filter that uses plants to remove the pollutants in a building. “We use unique sensors that measure the level of pollution and when the amount of pollution increases, the air purification system begins to work, draws in the polluting particles, and releases pure oxygen into the building,” says the company. In addition, a green wall provides acoustic and thermal insulation and protection from electromagnetic radiation. A biofilter can be used inside or outside the building and a product can be customized according to the customer’s requirements and the types of pollutants that need to be removed.

VF specialises in designing and building modular, lush green vertical fields and gardens on any indoor or outdoor wall, fence or railing. Keeping it natural with its soil-based technology is the key to this solution. The company has also partnered with Green Wall Israel, a company that designs and constructs vertical gardens. The company is the pioneer of an innovative and unique approach in the building of green walls. Vertical gardens are ideal for enhancing bare walls, built structures, fences and the overall interior design of homes or office buildings. Green walls grow plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices that adorn the landscape to create a green and beautiful urban environment.




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