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Street lights with Astronomical Timer at Chittaranjan

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), in a first, has started Astronomical Timer Based Street Light Automation Works which enables street lights to switch ON and Off depending on the Sun’s position. This street light monitoring system is operational from all the 57 sub stations of Chittaranjan township.

With this system, the street lights will automatically switch itself ON and OFF keeping the astronomical position of sunset and sunrise in all weathers. This unique initiative has user-friendly keyboard operation for ease of programming and navigation, as per the data.

Interestingly, monthly programmable civil twilight timings help in deciding precise ON or OFF timings of the street lights in all weathers. Also, auto recovery systems at the time of power failures are helpful.

Astronomical Timer Based Street Lighting reduces power consumption due to improved control of each individual street light. Month wise programmable civil twilight timings helps to decide precise ON/OFF timings in all weathers.

CLW one of the most accomplished, promising and reliable locomotive manufacturers in the country. It is one of the largest Electric Locomotive manufacturers in the world.

Since last few years CLW has been active in reducing its carbon footprint. For example, last year CLW had taken up a pilot project for harnessing the non-conventional wind energy at Hill Top in Chittaranjan. In this project two wind power generators of 1.8 KW capacity were installed last year.

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