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Statue of Unity is now one year old

The Statue of Unity built as a tribute to the monumental contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is now one year old. The statue is not just a symbol of unity but is an epitome of master class design, precision engineering, excellent project management, and exemplary construction.

Jairam Panch, Managing Director, Turner India says “The Statue of Unity is indeed among the greatest engineering marvels of our times, and I feel really proud that Turner was one of the major contributors behind the development of such a majestic monument. The success of the project can be largely attributed to remarkable teamwork and collaboration among various stakeholders including the client, consultant contractor, sub-contractors and other agencies.” Turner India had provided project management consultancy services for the project.

The project has several firsts including the entry in Time magazine’s “World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2019”. The Statue has provided a significant boost to tourism and infrastructure development in the region. According to some reports, the Statue of Unity has witnessed overall tourist footfalls in excess of 26 lakhs since inauguration, which has generated revenues of over Rs 71 crores from the sale of tickets. Incidentally, this statue is one of the very few man-made structures that are visible from space.

There were several challenges related to the construction of concrete work, and the installation of structural steel and bronze panels. Through efficient planning, application of Lean principles, and improvement in efficiencies of the delivery process, transportation and resource management tight work schedule was met.

The total height of the statue from its base is 240 metre consisting base level of 58-m and statue of 182-m. It is constructed with steel framing, reinforced cement concrete and bronze coating. 75,000-cu.m of concrete, 5,700 metric tonne steel structure, 18,500 tonne reinforced steel rods, 22,500 tonne bronze sheets are used for construction. In the first phase, a bridge connecting the memorial to the main land, a memorial, visitor centre buildings, a memorial garden, a hotel, a convention centre, an amusement park, research centres and institutes are constructed.

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