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Roshanara Mausoleum is being renovated by ASI

Roshanara Mausoleum in Delhi which is in a dilapidated condition is being renovated by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The Mausoleum built in the 17th century by Roshanara Begaum, Shah Jahan’s second daughter, is located inside Roshanara Bagh.

The building falls under the jurisdiction of North Delhi Municipal Corporation and is currently being looked after by ASI. Though the place attracts some visitors, the tomb and 56 acres of garden are free for visitors.

The condition of the building which was built in 1650 is bad with plasters peeling off, paints fading and some parts of the structure breaking. Also latticed screen is surrounding the grave is reportedly missing. The mausoleum has also become dangerous for the visitors who are nearly 1,000 in number daily.

Restoration and renovation work includes restoring the pathways and the Punjabi Gate and desilting of the well. Also fountain in front of the gate will be repaired and will be brought back to operational condition. Where the plasters have been peeled off they will be replastered with lime mortars. Currently, tomb is being replastered.

Roshanara Bagh spread over 56 acres and is one of the biggest gardens in Delhi having great variety of plants some of which are imported from Japan. The garden has a canal with flowers on both the sides. Also, the garden has a white marbled stadium built in memory of Roshanara Begaum.

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