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Rajasthan to amend building bylaws to make it Green

The Urban Development and Housing department (UDH) of the Rajasthan state government has prepared draft building bylaws with an intention to promote green building concepts in the state. The draft has been reportedly prepared after the consultation with the Indian Green Building Council and is aimed at encoraging the builders to construct green buildings in the state.

UDH has prepared the draft building bylaws after examining the bylaws of other states. It may be recalled here that states of Maharashtra and Karnataka too are in the process of implementing new building bylaws to encourage green cnstruction in their respective states.

At present Rajasthan provides 7.5% additional floor area ratio (FAR) to developers for constructing green buildings, free of cost. However, this benefit was available only in Jaipur city and not in other parts of the state. Also, at present benefit is available only when the building is completed. The new building bylaws will remove these deficiencies and FAR will be provided at the time of layout plan approval. Also the UDH has proposed to reward the developers by giving extra FAR between 7.5% to 15% at no cost.

The state government has also proposed to appoint GRIHA for evaluating green buildings in the state. As per the proposal, builders have to register themselves for the green rating once the construction is over. Then the proect team will evaluate the project under the rating system using a checklist before giving the certificate.

These bylaws will come into operation once the UDH minister gives his approval.

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