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Radiant cooling is efficient, effective & safe cooling system

Radiant Cooling developed by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is found to be efficient and giving better quality of thermal comfort. In case of Radiant Cooling, cooling is achieved through radiant heat transfer as against regular convective air conditioning. At present, energy and comfort audits of existing radiant cooled buildings, energy simulations, and finally, construction of a Demonstration Habitat is being undertaken. Besides, the process to integrate radiant cooling in the National Building Code is being undertaken.

Radiant cooled buildings have an extremely high potential of energy-saving (60-70%). Standard protocols for operation of radiant cooled buildings and adaptive thermal comfort standards for radiant cooled buildings in India will make it convenient for the masses to adopt radiant cooling technology.

Low energy hybrid cooling technologies and control mechanisms in radiant cooled buildings is being demonstrated along with the industry partners. The availability of such technology at an affordable cost will help reduce our dependency on imported products.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, conventional air cooling, which involves re-circulation on return air, is being perceived as harmful to the health of occupants. In this scenario, Radiant Cooling, which employs 100% fresh air supply, is expected to gain popularity and higher acceptance rates in the air-conditioning industry. Hence establishing adaptive comfort bands and operating protocols of radiant cooled buildings can help the buildings sector adopt this low energy cooling technology.

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