Parliamentary Committee wants dust control in construction

Parliamentary Committee wants dust control in construction

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The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Urban Development has suggested the Urban Development Ministry to make concerted efforts and strive vigorously towards completion of all the construction projects without cost and time overrun by adopting Prefab technologies without any adverse environmental consequences and dust pollution. According to the Committee the most effective technique is to control dust at source and prevent it from becoming airborne.

It may be noted here that the MoUD in its Operating Manual in May 2016 had decided to Mandatorily adopt 3 (three) technologies by CPWD, DDA & NBCC at all construction sites in Metropolitan cities of India & where value of work is Rs 100 crore & above and also invariably obtain third party certification related to Green building concept from agencies recognized by MOEF apart from installing roof top solar power plants, waste water recycling and rain water harvesting all such projects. The 3 technologies are as follows:

  1. Monolithic Concrete Construction system using Aluminium Formwork.
  2. Industrialized 3-S system using Cellular Light weight Concrete Slabs and Precast Columns (Precast/prefab).
  3. Monolithic Concrete Construction System using Plastic-Aluminium Formwork.

The Committee in its recent report has stressed for early action on incorporating prefab technology and tangible work done by NBCC on reducing dust generated pollution. The Committee has also suggested on changing of schedule of rates of Government agencies for adopting prefab technologies in construction, popularizing of three dust free technologies by holding seminars etc. expeditiously.