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Only 4% of buildings in India are “green”

According to the second annual smart city indicator survey conducted by Ireland-based Johnson Controls Building Technologies and Solutions, lack of technical expertise to execute projects and funding to pay for improvements remain the biggest barriers to investment in Green Buildings in India. According to the survey only 4% of buildings in India are “green”. The global average of Green buildings is about 14% and the survey believes that despite the lower ratio, India was on track to achieve its target. The survey has also found that 46% of the organisations in India are willing to pay a premium to lease space in a green building.

The survey queried over 330 city leaders. It also enumerated some of the key drivers in energy investments like greenhouse gas footprint reduction, increasing energy security and increasing building resilience. The survey findings show that cities are increasingly looking to implement applications that will improve sustainability and the environment while creating jobs, improving public safety and reducing costs.

The survey was conducted in 20 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France and the United States, besides India. The survey was conducted to track key drivers, organisational barriers, technology trends, and the status of smart city solution implementations around the world.

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