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NTPC plans to manufacture building materials

NTPC Ltd, a Maharatana Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Power, to setup Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) building panel manufacturing facility and allied products which can be utilized as load bearing walls, floor and roof slab etc.  For this, the company plans to enter into partnership with parties having requisite technology in load bearing GFRG building panel manufacturing. The company may either go for technology transfer agreements with the parties or set up plant on Built, Own and Operate (BOO)/ Built, Own, Operate and transfer (BOOT) basis. Even JV or EPC modes are also being considered by the company. However, the company has not yet decided about the location of the proposed plant.

NTPC, in its Vindhyachal plant in Madhya Pradesh uses limestone in Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) units as scrubber material to remove sulphur oxides (SOx) which in turn produces gypsum as a by-product. The company wants to use convert this by-product into a value-added product by producing GFRG board panels which are used in buildings. According to NTPC projection, NTPC-Vindhyachal plant will produce around ten million tonnes of FGD Gypsum progressively from 2020-2021.

GFRG panels is a building panel product, made of calcined gypsum, plaster, reinforced with glass fibers, for mass-scale building construction. GFRG panels, suitably filled with plain reinforced concrete possesses substantial strength to act not only as load bearing elements but also as shear wall, capable of resisting lateral loads due to earthquake and wind. It can be used as lightweight load bearing walling in building upto two storey construction. It can also be used as high capacity vertical and shear load bearing structural walling in multi-storey construction: the panel core shall be filled with reinforced concrete suitably designed to resist the combined effect of lateral and gravity loading. In India, it is an ideal material which can be used in projects like PMAY houses.




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