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Now the government moves in to disrupt AC industry

With outside temperature soaring and creating every year a new record, the government has decided to intervene to cool down the situation. Yes, it has decided to sell air conditioners which are efficient compared to other ACs and also cost competitive.

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of four National Public Sector Enterprises under Ministry of Power, recently launched its Super-Efficient Air Conditioning Programme for residential and institutional consumers in the BSES area. Since EESL has partnered with BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) initially the programme will cover the DISCOM’s South and West Delhi customers. However, EESL is working towards making this programme and its benefits available to all consumers across the nation with the other DISCOMs likely to partner with EESL in future.

These Super-Efficient Air Conditioners are 40 percent more efficient than the 3-star ACs currently available in the market (ISEER 3.8). At the same time, ACs will be 15-20% cheaper than the similar products available in the market. These Super-Efficient ACs will provide 1.5-TR cooling capacity at high ambient temperature; in contrast, ACs currently available in the market degrade their cooling capacity as room temperature increases. The superior ACs consume about 750 kWh/annum; whereas conventional AC consume 1160 kWh/annum. Further, the new ACs will use 100% copper coil and additional anti-rust coating, enhancing product longevity.

EESL has initiated the procurement process of super-efficient ACs, thereby capitalising on opportunities for leveraging economies of scale through demand aggregation, and so reducing the cost of this superior green technology to consumers. EESL will conduct all activities related to source, supply, complaint management and redressal, and fulfilment of warranty obligations for the products.

The ACs will be sold through www.EESLmart.in, a dedicated easy-to-use website where customers can make orders and payments. The ACs will be delivered at the customer’s doorstep and installed by professionals within 72 hours. To order the ACs, consumers will need to register on the website, and input their PIN code, details and documents (name, complete address, mobile number, email, CA number and latest electricity bill).

The customer can exchange the existing ACs too for which the concerned OEM will pay at its predetermined rates. Customer can pay through debit/credit cards and there are also easy EMI schemes available.




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