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New secretariat building will be in Deccani & Kakatiya architecture style

With High Court clearing the way, Telangana government is now firing on all cylinders see its pet project through without further loss of time. Within few days of High Court’s green signal, the government has started demolishing the old structures which included a structure built in 1888 during the rule of Nizam VI Mir Mahaboob Ali Khan.

According to the available information, the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has reportedly approved (out of the 10 designs submitted) the designs submitted by Chennai-based Oscar and Ponni of OCI Architects. According to the new design, the new integrated State Secretariat complex will be an amalgamation of historic architecture and modern technology reflecting the rich culture of Telangana. Further, the work will be carried out on war footing and the new building complex is likely to be readied within a year at a cost of about Rs 500 crore.

The integrated Secretariat complex will be fully Vaastu-compliant, meeting the latest norms of fire safety, green building, disaster management and other mandatory regulations. The integrated complex, with Deccani and Kakatiya architectures, will have concrete structures in only 20 per cent of the 25-acre campus. The remaining 80 per cent of the area, will be dedicated to landscaping and greenery. Apart from the entry and exit points for Ministers, officials and the general public, the building complex will have a separate entrance for the Chief Minister.

The new Secretariat building will be rectangular in shape with six storeys having about 7 lakh sq ft of built-up area. The building will house the offices of the Chief Minister, his Cabinet Ministers and the Secretariat departments, the offices of all the State-level heads of all the departments under a single roof. The building will have an administration command and control system with connectivity to all district collectorates. A huge conference hall with video conferencing facility will be built. The entire structure will be equipped with smart lighting controls, motion sensors, automatic switches and other features to reduce energy consumption.

Green building concept will be followed in construction and solar rooftop panels on terrace and parking area will provide the necessary power to the entire building complex. Huge verandahs and other spacious areas have been designed to keep the structure cool and allow the air to circulate naturally throughout the building, making it energy-efficient. It has been designed to facilitate free movement of natural light and air in abundance.

The design is inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France and the complex will face east with two major lawns in the northeast and southeast corners of the main building. The lawns will be installed with rainwater harvesting facility, creating a pleasant environment and an incredible view of the Hussain Sagar lake.

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