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NCR – 2041 calls for citizen-centric plan

National Capital Region – 2041 conclave which was held in Delhi wants to make the next Master Plan for the region more citizen-centric. The conclave was organized by the National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB). The theme of the conclave was “Planning for Tomorrow’s Greatest Capital Region”. This conclave is first among many such consultations planned wherein more advanced stage of deliberations will take place.

As part of the sessions, a multimedia presentation showing planning of global cities was followed by five technical sessions on various themes namely ‘Imagining the Future’, ‘Priorities of the States’, ‘Land Use, Allocation & Control’, ‘Harmonized Development’ and ‘Financial Structuring’. The technical sessions were chaired by Dr. Anna Roy, Senior Adviser, Niti Aayog, representatives of NCR, participating State Governments, Dr. S.K. Kulshreshta, Regional Planning Expert, Dr. Partha Mukhopadhyay from Centre for Policy Research, Shri Vinay K. Singh, Managing Director, NCRTC. Prof. PSN Rao, Director, School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi presented the concluding remarks of the technical sessions.

Currently the Regional Plan with the horizon year 2021 is in-force and a Regional Plan with next horizon year 2041 is required to be prepared now.  Efforts are on to prepare and finalise NCR – 2041 much before mid – 2021.

Apart from being citizen-centric plan, it will have liveability as the hallmark, to ensure ease of living of the people.  As the Regional Plan would have a serious impact on the entire region since it would drive and decide the magnitude/ direction in which the development will take place in the region efforts would be made to make the Regional Plan- 2041 “a plan of our dreams and aspiration set in a practical context.”

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