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India has four 5-star cities

Under SMART framework – Single metric, Measurable, Achievable, Rigorous verification mechanism and Targeted towards outcomes – India has 4 cities (Indore, Ambikapur, Navi Mumbai and Mysuru) have been certified as 5-star cities. Further,  under this framework 57 cities have been certified as 3-star cities, and 4 cities have been certified as 1-star cities.

Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MOHUA) has launched the Star rating protocol for Garbage free cities which is based on 12 parameters. The rating protocol has been devised in a holistic manner including components such as cleanliness of drains & water bodies, plastic waste management, managing construction & demolition waste, etc. which are critical drivers for achieving garbage free cities.

MoHUA has also launched the ODF+ and ODF++ protocols, with a focus on sustaining ODF outcomes and achieving holistic sanitation. While ODF+ protocol focuses on O&M of community / public toilets by ensuring functionality and proper maintenance of CT/PTs for their continued usage, ODF++ focuses on addressing safe management of faecal sludge from toilets and ensuring that no untreated sludge is discharged into open drains, water bodies or in the open. Till date, 819 cities have been certified ODF+, and 312 cities have been certified ODF++.

Further, MoHUA has, recently, introduced the Water + protocol, designed to ensure that no untreated waste water is discharged into the open environment or water bodies.

MoHUA has partnered with Google to map all public toilets on Google maps, thereby improving ease of access of sanitation facilities to citizens. Till date, 2,300 cities have uploaded more than 57, 000 PTs mapped on Google maps, covering more than 50% of India’s urban population.

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