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Heritage character of Amritsar railway station will be maintained

The Ferozepur Division of the Northern Railway has clarified that the original structure of the Amritsar railway station would be maintained during its facelift. This has put at rest the fears allayed by the heritage lovers that redevelopment of the Amritsar railway station would change its heritage character.

In June, Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) had issued request for quotation for the redevelopment of four railway stations — Nagpur, Gwalior, Amritsar and Sabarmati — on a public-private partnership (PPP) model. As many as 32 companies had shown interest in the redevelopment projects.

The Amritsar redevelopment project holds the distinction of being one of the first railway projects to have in-principle approval of the public, private, partnership appraisal committee (PPPAC) as per the guidelines for PPP projects by the Centre. It is also the first one to have a provision of pre-determined user charges on passengers and visitors as one of the main revenue streams for the concessionaire of the redeveloped stations.

The Amritsar Railway Station redevelopment is estimated to cost Rs 300 crore. Upon completion of the project, the station will spread over an approximate area of 10,76,464 square meters. A lotus pond supported with columns resembling lotus stems, is the most anticipated hallmark of the traditional Sikh architecture, at the grand entrance to the station premises.

Meanwhile, the Indian Railways Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) confirmed that the present building would not be demolished and a new station building would be constructed which would serve as entry/exit point to the platforms. The plan is to carry out adaptive re-use for the existing building so that its unique features could be utilised to enhance the user experience.

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