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FA Alum Shreeni Benjamin wins YTAA 2020 Award

Alum Shreeni Benjamin (FA’17), Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA), is one of the three winners of the Asian Edition of the Young Talent architecture Award (YTAA) 2020.

Shreeni’s entry based on her thesis, is on coastal management which is one of the most important parameters to be considered in urban planning for a resilient future.  Also, due to looming climate change, it becomes mandatory to look at the existing ecosystem services and its impact on a larger spectrum.

Her project is focused on the island of Aliabet, a part of the river Narmada’s estuary, which has formed connections with the mainland due to the depositions afflicted by the anthropogenic activities.

The project was guided by Prof. Deepa Maheshwari, Adjunct Professor, CEPT University.

The awards announcement is part of the YTAA Day celebrated online with the winners, the jury members and the network involved in its organization and development, on the World Architecture Day and the World Habitat Day.

Project brief: Landscape Conservation for the Island of Aliabet

Coastal management is one of the most indeterminate parts of urban planning for a resilient future. Ignoring minor miscalculation can result in devastating consequences. The overlooked social cost of the Sardar Sarovar Dam has left the island of Aliabet from an ecologically rich and diverse habitat of the bountiful wetland fauna to a saline wasteland.

The former ecologically lush island of Aliabet from the estuary of the river Narmada is infamous for getting easily submerged during the High-high tides and the seasonal floods. Presently this island has formed connections with the mainland due to the depositions of the sea-sediments. The construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam has lowered the river’s velocity to wash the island during ebb. The absence of this vital process required for the formation of the brackish water has further declined the growth of the local grass “Aal” and the mangroves,  leading the island to become a saline wasteland, a huge number of species are steered on the cusp of disappearance, bringing a major pause in the ecological cycle.

Asia Edition of YTAA 2020 the first edition is designed to promote exchange and cooperation between young architects. 23 such projects have been selected from amongst 140 nominations across 61 schools from China, India, Japan and South Korea and their counterparts in Europe. The YTAA aims to support the talent of recently graduated Architects, Urban Planners and Landscape Architects.

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