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Conversations kick started to create sustainable cultural organizations

Development of Museums and Cultural Spaces, Ministry of Culture, Government of India hosted a webinar on “Revitalising Museums and Cultural Spaces” yesterday to celebrate the International Museum Day and kick start conversations around creating sustainable cultural organizations in post pandemic India. Organised for leading Indian and global cultural institutions, creative businesses, startups, policy makers and media, experts in the webinar discussed the way forward for the culture and creative industry. The objective was to identify the possible policy actions that will help alleviate the short and long term effects of the crisis on museums, cultural spaces and their broader ecosystems.

During webinar the discussion touched the topic of Impact, innovations and post-crisis planning in the context of Museums and cultural spaces in the post pandemic ecosystem. The nascent topic Museo-preneurs also discussed to look at how museums can embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and work on sustainable business models. One of the most important points of discussion was reimagining cultural spaces and was to introduce innovative ideas to maximise the social and economic value of cultural heritage and to build capacity in order to engage with local audiences and tourists.

Shri Raghvendra Singh, webinar Secretary & CEO DMCS, Ministry of Culture, said that based on discussion the government will prepare policy paper and shall discuss within the MInistry and get agreement on whatever is practical and feasible. He added that the Ministry will bring it again to the stake holders of private and corporate sector and discuss with them project wise and hoped that  there will be mutual agreement on some cases and those cases will become projects to be on-boarded and then executed.

The webinar featured some of the best experts in the museum and cultural spaces domain such as Founder Trustee of Museum of Art and Photography (MAP), Bengaluru Shri Abhishek Poddar, President of Kochi Biennale Foundation Shri Bose Krishnamachari, Founder and CEO of Cuseum Shri Brendan Ciecko, Managing Director of  Teamwork Arts Shi Sanjoy K Roy and CEO of Museums and Cultural Spaces, Ministry of Culture, GoI (Moderator) Shri Raghvendra Singh.

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