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CIDCO gives sanction for town planning scheme 3 for Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai city planning body, the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) has accorded sanction for town planning scheme 3 for Navi Mumbai airport. CIDCO’s sanction will increase the Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified (NAINA) area by 438 hectares as part of the third phase of the town planning scheme around the upcoming international airport at Ulve in Navi Mumbai. Part of villages of Chipale, Koproli, Nere, Nerepada, Vihighar and Moho will be part of the scheme 3. CIDCO with the advice of GoM has decided to implement the project through Town Planning Schemes (TPS).

The Maharashtra government, with the purpose of the planned development of the surrounding area of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), appointed CIDCO as Special Planning Authority (SPA) for NAINA project comprising 256 villages of Raigad district and 14 villages of Thane district.

Later, with the appointment of MSRDC as SPA for few villages, the scope of NAINA project has been now limited to 224 villages encompassing 474sq kms.

With the sanction of draft scheme, all lands under roads within the scheme are deemed handed over to the planning authority, thereby the development of roads within the scheme can be taken immediately.

The state government will now appoint an arbitrator to define, demarcate and decide the areas allotted to the beneficiaries of final plot holders including to the planning authority and also assess the contribution payable in respect of each final plot and other issues spelt out in the Act in a time-bound manner.

The first three schemes together on successful completion will ensure 648 hectares of the planned layout.

Another four schemes will be launched by the end of2019, thereby completing the entire fabric of the sanctioned development plan of 23 villages, infrastructure development through town planning schemes.

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