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Chaugan Stadium in Jaipur to be developed with additional facilities

Jaipur Smart City Ltd (JSCL ) is planning integrated development of Chaugan Stadium in Jaipur. The project involves renovation of the existing facilities like Cricket/Football grounds, multipurpose grounds and also construction of a new indoor sports complex for the citizens of Jaipur under the Jaipur Smart City proposal.

Chaugan Stadium is one of the significant places for Jaipur’s chief social, cultural and sporting happenings and in the past, the Elephant festival was held at this stadium.

Area of the Chaugan Stadium which is considered for the development of sports facility is 75250 sqm approximately. In Phase-1 it is proposed to develop an area of approximately 39000 sqm. The project is expected to be completed in 18 months time.

The project involves construction Multipurpose Indoor Hall, Synthetic Jogging Track Periphery of football and Practice Ground, etc. The designs and drawings of the Project will be vetted by the concerned department of  the chosen IIT or NIT. Nearly 1,000 sq. m area will be meant for landscaping.

The construction of new Indoor Sports Hall is to be done on South-East of the Chaugan Stadium behind the Spectator’s gallery of the Cricket field, housing Boxing/Wushu hall, Kabaddi Hall, Badminton Practicing Courts, Multipurpose hall for indoor games, and all ancillary works all complete. This facility shall be a multi-story structure, having Indoor Sports arena of 42.60 x 36.00 (size with total built-up area of minimum 4186-sq.m) and shall comprise various courts and other facilities like, office, store, change rooms, toilets, drinking water, etc, having adequate infrastructure and facilities for organizing multi-functional activities including national and international level sports tournaments and imparting trainings to players.

JSCL is now looking out for suitable firms to take up the job.

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