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Building plan approval goes online in Chandigarh

The Union Territory of Chandigarh has launched online building plan approval system (OBPAS) which will enable the citizens to submit the building plan application along with the required documents online, with no human intervention. It will be followed by online scrutiny of the plan as per the Chandigarh Building Rules, and applicants will get regular updates through SMS and email. The fee will be auto-calculated and can be paid online too.

The main objective here is to facilitate citizens by providing online delivery of services, minimise manual intervention, and ensure faster application submission, tracking and monitoring, besides timely resolution of issues and increased transparency.

As a result of implementation of OBPAS, there would be timely approval of the building plan drawing and the entire process would be transparent with well-defined roles of each department/employee. Registration form will be provided to the architects on MCC and CSCL web portal (http://mcchandigarh.gov.in & https://www.chandigarhsmartcity.in). Registration forms will be approved by the department of urban planning (architecture wing). Username and password will be shared with architects through email. A 24/7 help desk has been set up as well.

OBPAS has been identified as one of the key reforms’ agenda under the government missions like AMRUT with focus on improving the ‘Ease of doing Business’.

Important citizen-related services under the project ‘Implementation of E Governance Services in Chandigarh’ include online building plan approval system (OBPAS), online grievance complaint services, water supply and sewerage connections, booking of banquet hall/community centers, property tax etc. The implementing agency PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Private Limited started work on this project on October 16, 2019, and till date, seven services have already gone live including Online Grievance Complaint Services, Financial Management System, Sports and Cultural Branch, Public Relation, Agenda, Legal Case Management& Apni Mandi and Day Market. One of the major services is Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS).

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