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Bihar govt uses mural paintings to spread social message

Bihar government has found a unique way to convey its social messages to the people. For example, state government’s energy department has, in an artistic manner, painted several messages on government buildings and common public school in order to make people aware on various pressing issues.

Resorting to beautiful murals to beautify the public spaces is not a new thing in Bihar. It may be recalled here that two years ago people of Madhubani had joined hands on their own to convert their railway station, once considered to be one of the dirtiest in India, into a most beautiful station in the country through Madhubani paintings.

Similarly, last year, the Patna Municipal Corporation did not only beautify the city by painting Madhubani paintings on all the government and non-government walls but it also prevented people from spitting and dirtying public places.

However, this time Energy Department has gone one step ahead by engaging artists of the international arena to portray their success in providing electricity to every household through murals. The work has kick-started from Vidyut Bhawan in Patna which has been turned into a vibrant canvas.

Last month, five artists, including two from Argentina, laboured on four separate wall arts spanning the facade of the high-rise building that houses offices of the power department of the Bihar government. The most prominent among them is a 70 ft-high mural themed on preservation of environment and biodiversity painted by Argentine duo Emmanuel Alaniz and Federica, roughly titled ‘We are all light’. The giant artwork on the side wall of the Bhawan is the first thing any visitor or passer-by notices, which stands out in its colourful glory.

Apparently, the Bihar government has derived its inspiration from a series of murals painted in Lodhi Estate in the national capital. Once a decision was taken it took just three months to materialize everything and finalize the theme.

Each painting is symbolic and it conveys a message. For example, in one of the mural paintings, a woman is seen turning off the electric switch and at the same time, a man is conserving the traditional energy that is the burning lamp of clay with both hands.




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