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BEE to approach building owners to convert them nZEB

The net zero-energy building (nZEB) concept has been gaining prominence worldwide and we in India too are almost there to adopt the concept. Yes, we are ‘almost’ there because for us nZEB is not net zero-energy building but its nearly zero-energy building. After all something is better than nothing and this must be the motive behind the Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s (BEE) recent move to approach existing home owners for converting them into nearly zero-energy building.

Environmental Design Solutions (EDS) has been appointed to carry out the feasibility study for 100 existing buildings providing a roadmap to achieve the nZEB goal. Feasibility study for these 100 buildings will be done free of cost.

The selection criteria for buildings for nZEB will be:

  1. Minimum built up area: 5000 sq. mts.
  2. Minimum connected load >100kW or contract demand > 120 kVA or as notified by State/UT
  3. Eligible building typologies: Educational institutions, Healthcare, Shopping complex, Hospitality, Airports & Railway/Metro stations.

The feasibility study by EDS will broadly comprise the following activities:

  1. Assessment of existing building energy consumption
  2. Energy mapping of building energy systems
  3. Identifying energy savings potential
  4. Cost benefit analysis

Following the study, EDS will share a complete analysis report listing down Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) with the building owners for further action. The building owners/client shall not be bound to carry out implementation of ECM’s suggested, before all practical and financial implications are considered.

In order to promote implementation of energy efficiency measures in the existing buildings, the Government is promoting Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. Energy Audit Studies have revealed a savings potential to the extent of 40% in end use such as lighting, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration etc. Energy cost savings resulting from energy efficiency measures directly benefit building owners and occupants over the life cycle of the building. BEE aims to convert various existing buildings to nZEB as it will create a win-win situation for all.




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