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Arunachal Civil Secretariat complex to be illuminated

Arunachal Civil Secretariat complex at Itanagar will be illuminated with synchronised lighting system. Proposed dynamic architectural illumination of the structure is hoped to enhance the way people perceive the structure in a much better way. Lighting will be done in a subtle way so as to give a nice contrast between an illuminated surface and shadows formed by the elements of the structure. Its more about recreating a fine ambience after sun set. Selected elements will be highlighted yet revealing the structure overall. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 4.09 crore.

Secretariat building has tall cladded column like elements in series and the intention is to highlight these elements by accentuating with flood lights and also graze them from the bottom as the columns are wide. The sloping glazed surface on the upper part has a small cantilevered sloping roof extension. This extension forms a continuous surface along the perimeter of the roof gutter edge. Highlighting this surface would give it a lit-up periphery all around the structure. At night when all the lights are properly installed and focused, it makes the architecture stand out and hence beautifying the surrounding area. City beautification with architectural lighting always attracts people towards it making the area vibrant and talk of the town. This also helps to boost economy of the state and has a good impact on night tourism.

All the four buildings of the Civil Secretariat complex will be taken up for illumination and the proposal is for dynamic illumination on three facia (front, left & right) of the each building. The rear sides of the buildings are overlapped with each other and it will work as a contrast wall. The illumination of the monumental structure of the main entrance gate to the Civil Secretariat complex is also part of the project.

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