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Architect who designed ram temple may become trust member

There is a possibility that Chandrakant Sompura who designed Ram temple model may be inducted into the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra, the trust that would look after the construction of the temple. The government has already announced the list of members of the trust on 5th February. The temple trust will have to select two prominent persons by a majority resolution to be part of the trust. One of them could be Chandrakant Bhai Sompura. According to sources, the temple will be on the lines of the design made by Sompura and he will oversee the entire construction process.

Chandrakant Bhai Sompura was approached by then Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) chief Ashok Singhal 33 years ago to design the model for the temple. It took more than six months for Chandrakant Sompura to make the design of the Ram temple.

Sompura has many prestigious temple projects to his credit, including Swaminarayan temple in Neasden which is supposed to be world’s largest. Chandrakant Sompura has designed more than 100 temples across the country. Sompura’s grandfather Prabhakar Sompura was the architect of Somnath temple in Gujarat and the temple in Mathura.

The temple will be built in ‘Nagara’ style architecture in which most of the temples are built in North India. “Ashtakon” (Octagonal) characteristic will be the main feature of the temple.

The temple may be built in pink sandstone, which is available in plenty in Bansi Paharpur in Rajasthan. The project may require 2.5-3 lakh cubic feet sandstones. Idol in the sanctum will be made out of marble. Total height of the temple will be 132-ft. Plinth area of the temple will be 270 x 126-ft. The temple will have 212 pillars. 16 statues on each column will be carved.

The temple will have two storeys and apart from the main temple, there will four other temples for Sita, Laxman, Ganesh and Hanuman. There will be four gates, one in each direction. Each gate will be designed in the architectural style of the region it faces.

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