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AP CM to lay foundation stone for DCS

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu is going to lay the foundation stone of India’s biggest district cooling system in Amaravati today. District Cooling System is an important feature of Amaravati capital city development. Amaravati Government Complex (AGC), comprising the High Court, the Assembly, the Secretariat, Head of Department (HoD) building, the Chief Minister’s offices and residence, Government Housing, Judges Bungalows, etc., will be covered under District Cooling System. The system would save 40% energy in government, residential and commercial buildings.

District cooling system consists of district cooling plant, distribution and interface network, is a thermal energy network (including the DCP, distribution Network, ETS Equipment, Metering Equipment etc.) that distributes chilled water through insulated pipes over a distance to serve residential, buildings commercial buildings, institutional and industry for space cooling and industrial purposes in Amaravati Government Complex.

DCS provides advantage over competing energy systems by replacing many individual air conditioners with one central cooling source and contributes to improved air quality, reduced power, greater efficiency, consequently lower lifetime costs and array of other benefits. It is used widely across America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific regions with over 1000 cities in various countries from US to Russia to Japan using it. In India, with increasing industrial activity, especially in IT industry and high-end commercial activities the need for cooling is becoming more obvious and currently being adopted by smart cities like Gift City in Ahmedabad, Tech Park in Bengaluru and DLF Cyber City. Given India’s tropical climate and limited cooling pipeline infrastructure, district cooling applications are, however, limited.




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