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Allahabad to build 200 smart toilets

Allahabad which was selected to be developed into a smart city in third round of selection under the Smart Cities Mission will build 200 smart toilets as part of Area-based development and Pan City Area Development Work. These toilets will be ready before Kumbh 2019 and will continue to remain thereafter. Location for toilets are to be selected based on availability of space and anticipated demand for toilet in the proposed area. The total cost of the project is estimated to be Rs 3.65 crore.

It will not be temporary structure as it will be used even after the Kombhmela. So it will be a load bearing structure with RCC slab.  The toilets will have PVC doors and windows and also will have proper lighting and ventilation fittings. They will be built with suitable sanitary fixtures and concealed GI pipe fittings. The walls will be suitably colour washed or painted with emulsion paint.  Water tank of capacity 1000 L are to be installed at the roof of the toilets. The Indian and western sanitary fixtures and pvc doors are to be best available brand in the market.

Further, toilets will have enclosed spaces for baby crΦche and general room for deposition of baggage. The toilets will also have separate enclosure for physically challenged persons.

Toilets will be maintained on pay & use basis and usage charges of toilet will be determined on a time frame of 30 years, with provision of revision of charges at every 5 years interval in light of inflation rate.

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