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4 Indian cities figure at bottom of World Smart City ranking

According to the sixth edition of IESE Cities in Motion Index (CIMI,) four of the Indian cities figure in top 174 “smartest” cities in the world. These cities are, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. London with a mark of 100 tops list to become almost a perfect “Smart City” followed by New York which has secured second place. Only two cities from Asia, Tokyo (6th rank) and Singapore (7th rank) figure in the top ten. China’s Beijing is ranked 83 while Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) in Vietnam has scored better than Indian Metro cities with 122nd rank.

According to the report Indian cities, along with some other cities, have a low level of development in terms of mobility and transportation as well as the environment. Kolkata has been branded as “stagnant city” along with some other cities as it has achieved poor results in almost all the dimensions analysed. The report has also come out with a piece of advice for those cities that mistakenly understand technology to be the main (or only) ingredient of a smart city and do not take into account other critical fields that define the urban situation. “If a city does not see the whole picture, it will be difficult for it to become a smart city.”


CIMI = Cities in Motion Index

The sixth edition of the IESE Cities in Motion Index (CIMI) analyzes a total of 96 indicators (13 more than in the previous edition), which reflect both objective and subjective data and offer a comprehensive view of each city. Among the new variables, there are, for example, the hourly wage, purchasing power, mortgage as a percentage of income, and whether a city is a favorable environment for the development of women. Data of 174 cities — nine more than the previous year, which represent 80 countries  – are considered this year for ranking. In short, the exercise is intended to help the public and governments to understand the performance of nine fundamental dimensions for a city: human capital, social cohesion, the economy, governance, the environment, mobility and transportation, urban planning, international outreach, and technology.

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