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3 Indian projects figure in world skyscrapers 2017 list

India with 3 completions in 2017, figures among the top ten countries with highest number of skyscrapers completed in 2017. For the 10th year running, China had the most 200-meter-plus completions with 76, representing 53% of the global 2017 total. Although still the world champion by a wide margin, this is a reduction from 2016, when China had 83 completions, for 65% of that year’s total. USA with 10 completions comes at distant second position. In Indian sub-continent, Sri Lanka is the only other country where at least one skyscraper has been completed in 2017. Incidentally, with 144 completions, year 2017 beats every previous year on record for skyscrapers, including the previous record high of 127 completions in 2016.

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One Avighna Park, World Crest and Lodha Venezia Tower A – all three sky scrapers completed in 2017 in India are located in Mumbai. One Avighna Park, designed by Vivek Bhole Architects Pvt. Ltd. and built by Avighna India Ltd, is currently 241st tallest globally and 138th tallest building in Asia. With 64 floors and 266 m height it is presently the tallest building in India. Construction of World Crest started in 2011 and the building is designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners for Lodha group. 222.5 m high building has 57 floors above ground and is the 5th tallest building in India. Lodha Venezia Tower A is 213.5 m tall with 68 floors and is the sixth tallest building in India.

The total number of 200-meter-plus buildings in the world today is 1,319, increasing 12.3% from 2016, marking a 402% increase from the year 2000, when only 263 existed. A total of 15 supertalls (buildings of 300 meters or higher) were completed in 2017, tying with 2015, the first year to break this record. The total number of supertall buildings worldwide is now 126, up from 111 in 2016. This fact is even more extraordinary considering that much of the activity has been in the past few years. The 2017 figure represents a 66% increase in just four years. In 2013, there were 76 buildings 300 meters or higher.

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