“‘Keep Believing’, even when you’re at the lowest point of life’, Tanvi Rastogi

“‘Keep Believing’, even when you’re at the lowest point of life’, Tanvi Rastogi

Tanvi Rastogi, Squisito Design, New Delhi

Tanvi Rastogi, Squisito Design, New Delhi-min

Tanvi Rastogi, Squisito Design, New Delhi-min
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Tanvi Rastogi, Squisito Design, New Delhi
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Are female designers accepted by all? What are your experiences and facts.

It still is not easily accepted by society to hire female designers as the work is majorly labour intensive and the mind set says it is not easy to deal with the labours for a female.

Almost 60% of Indians still believe that women are less in calibre and are meant to only do household work. what is the future of women in the current market scenario?

Although it’s a sad truth that people still believe that women are less in calibre and are meant to only do household work yet over the time it’s been proved by the females that they can equally take care of professional life as well with family. The fight though will have to prevail for a while still.

Outdoor visits – where you are required to spend the whole day on site as a woman – tell us what is lacking and what are the basic pre-requisites.

Outdoor visit is something that can’t be evaded with such profession.. but its not easy to be out all day as the external environment in terms of sanitation and hygiene, people around etc. makes it difficult.

Tell us about the safety as many times sites are in remote areas and the industry is pre-dominantly male-oriented.

Safety is something that needs to be taken care of, by oneself. Although female designers usually hire male staff to be accompanied to the remote areas.

Nobel laureates/awards and shorlists – are women designers been justified or do you feel there is partiality in selection.

Females are undoubtedly blessed with creative instincts than males and hence it’s very well justified for nobel laureates/awards. Though it’s not fool proof, there is obviously a bright chance of partiality.

Who is your mentor – a women architect/interior designer..

My senior in college who happens to be an interior designer is my mentor. She only persuaded me to join my first job.

World over offices are called the “second home”. Is it true for a woman too?  Share your views?

It is difficult for a female to call office a “second home” as women face different challenges in terms of spending extensive work hours at office and other external elements as well.

How did you get your first project? What was it?

My first project was through a reference from a family friend. It was a 1BHK flat to be designed for a couple. It was a challenge then as things are absolutely different of what is taught in college and what is practical, with that arranging material and getting designs executed was a task, which is at ease now. It is not much of a stress anymore although new challenges come over every now and then.

Is there a gap between academics and professional work, especially from gender zone? Have you felt it and how do you propose to bridge the gap?

There is a wide gap between academics and professional work from gender zone perspective as the males are much at ease professionally wherein females have more challenges to take care of professionally in terms of environment and dealing with labours.

‘Self-selecting out’ – Do women practically disappear either after marriage or children in this profession? Elaborate – is it the social pressure/lack of understanding by co-workers/or….

It is unsaid expectation from a female to “self-selecting out” from work after marriage or children and that’s what is instilled in a female since early ages and hence generations after generations it is done without considering it a social pressure.

How can architects / interior designers be more productive in their filed?

Interior Designers can be more productive only if they are allowed to work in flexible environment than forcibly asked to work at a definite space.

Any last words that you would like to share to my readers and other female friends?

Only thing I would want to tell my friends is no matter how difficult challenges come your way. Just follow your heart and let nothing bring you down. “There’s always hope, even when you’re at the lowest point of life, Keep Believing”.

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