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Jeffrey-Brice Ornstein, JBrice Design International

‘I listen, study and do not waive from my commitment to giving my clients a unique, distinctive, revenue-generating and high performing asset.  I also believe that if you love what you do, it shows’, says Jeffrey-Brice Ornstein, Founder & CEO, JBrice Design International

How does one creatively do the interiors given the modern-day space constraints.

Form follows function.

Did you nurture an interest in interior design from young age? 

I was drawn to architecture from my earliest memories. All my toys were related to buildings, and my time spent on drawings was architecture-related.  I was also drawn to fine arts and in-fact, my degree from University is in Fine Arts. So, eventually, as an adult, I found the combined pursuits of architecture spaces we inhabitat and colour and pattern were a natural fit for me. what I find most appealing about my work is two-fold : the development and execution of an idea; from concept to completion and the way it enhances those who are engages, and secondly, the exposure and absorption o the many cultures and people whom we serve.

What are the basic principles of Interior designing you consider when you take up a project.

A responsible interior designer has several key responsibilities. The concept that is regionally, culturally and budgetary appropriate for the market and the client; the timelines of deliverables, and the cohesiveness of the documents so that the product is meticulously executed to perform the requirements associated with its ultimate success.

What kind of projects are you currently working on? 

We work primarily on hotel properties. The most challenging are buildings that are architecturally designed structurally and mechanically. In other words, those that were not meant to be hotels  or were not designed initially by an experienced hotel design architect. Hotel need to respond specifically to their task, and other types of building do not have the proper infrastructure to do this fluidly.

Tell us on material selection for floors, walls and lighting designs

Never compromise on the quality and specifications associated with flooring materials. Everyone who enters the building will walk on the carpet. Walls have varied requirements function, focal point, accent – so we cannot have a specific answer.

Lighting should always be multi-tiered. A room should be lit with floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, and chandeliers and cove lights and down lights. This creates mood. If there is only one light source in space, the feeling is static and plain.

When an interior designing project come to you, are there any themes that you follow?

No. We service clients from many diversified cultures, and marketplaces.  Each project is approached independently keeping in mind and at the forefront of the design development the best interests of the client and his investment.  A designer balances her/his creativity with the practical requirements of the project. The themes are as varied as the cultures you find spread across the globe. What is common though is the nature of the specifications.

A poor performing product is pointless and shall not be considered in hospitality segment.

Who were your source of inspiration?

My parents, the artists I studied during my university career and Nature itself.

What advice would you give for someone with a limited budget to decorate a new house.

Identify your priorities: How do you live? What will enrich your day-to-day experience. What is at the core of your family’s essence and how can that be accommodated/reinforced in the interior space.

What has been key to your success.

Being direct and honest… I listen, study and do not waive from my commitment to giving my clients a unique, distinctive, revenue-generating and high performing asset.  I also believe that if you love what you do, it shows. I am certain my clients will testify to my confidence and clarity in this respect.


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