Green Sustainable Architecture

The green building movement is picking up its pace in Asia and in the last ten years it has made some rapid strides. While conservationists say it is the only way to survive and save Mother Planet, smart ones use it as a marketing tool to promote their products and services. Either way the end result is that the awareness being created and fortunately in recent times many are convinced that unless you go green there is no way you can survive. Thus, the prevailing trend points towards increasing involvement in sustainable building project and there are no signs of this abating.

Asia has the largest share of the world’s population which in turn has also resulted in high densities in urban areas. Due to growing population and also resultant urbanisation process, building activity will remain energetic and hectic. In the process, it can produce valuable empirical knowledge and lessons to architects, interior designers and civil engineers all over the world.

Asia which has 50 countries has extremely diverse climates and geographic features. Due to diversity in culture, geography and climate, architectural style too varied from region to region, from country to country and within country from location to location. The tradition of this diversity and variety is followed even today where architects are trying to fusion modern architecture with local designs, materials and needs, which has opened up a new vista of
architecture. attempts to bring out the latest and mostly award-winning architecture and Interiors projects, expertise, opinions as possible at one place in the forthcoming special feature on Green Architecture so as to reduce the burden of knowledge hungry people. There is near unanimity among the architecture fraternity that unless you keep pace with and knowledge of the latest in the profession you will soon find yourself at the bottom of the

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