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Why this building is considered Europe’s smartest office building?

Designed by the Danish architecture firm 3XN, this office building called “Cube Berlin” opened its doors this March. But the building has been able to catch the attention of the architects and engineers world over within a short span of few months. Just like most of the new buildings, this building too is a smart building. In fact, it’s the smartest of all. Do you know why this office building is considered smartest office building in the entire Europe?

The Cube Berlin was originally a winning competition entry for Deutsche Bahn’s new headquarters. The current design for CA Immo looks to meet strategic 21st-century flexibility demands in a multi-tenant building – a total rethinking of the original concept.

With a perfect cubic body measuring 3 X 42,5 meters with five equally important facades including the roof cube berlin is the sculptural centerpiece of one of the most prominent squares in Berlin and occupies  a unique and highly prominent location on Washington Platz, with a vast public square fronting Berlin`s new Main Railway Station Lehrter Bahnhof that overlooks the Federal Government Complex across River Spree.

All sides of the building have their own distinct appearance. Though it looks extremely complex, the layered façade is, in fact, made up by only 12 different glass elements which are distributed in different combinations across the building and in both layers. The layering of the two façades creates reflections which offer a kaleidoscopic reading of the surroundings and creates the opportunity for generous platforms on the façade. These platforms are horizontally and vertically distributed around the building, such that the facade changes dynamically and all views of the building are unique.

Interestingly, an innovative energy concept is integrated into the design from the beginning and has impacted the manner in which we have designed the façade. The overall compact building massing and effective façade to floor area ratio allows for a 100 % glazed façade. The ventilated double skin façade offers high performance as a daylight provider and at the same time provides for a very effective protection against heat gains while allowing the users to benefit from natural ventilation. The façade enters an overall high/low tech energy management system based on energy displacement that transfer energy surplus, i.e., heat in one area into cooling in another.

According to the architects of the building, Cube Berlin will be setting new standards for the integration of intelligent digital user interfaces. The building is designed to enable interaction with the user needs and demands and to respond to user patterns. The concept will enable guiding the users to a more intelligent and engaging experience and help save energy.

Via an app, users and visitors will be able to interact with the building. This will imply more than simply opening doors and calling lifts. The app will help connect people, drive sustainable behaviour and make their working day more efficient. Users will for instance be able to identify the optimal work space based on their unique preferences, location of co-workers and energy efficiency at any given time.

It will be the first office built specifically to support 21st Century workplace trends with multi-tenant occupancy, cross-organisational communication, activity-based work stations, shared facilities, and dynamic office layouts. It is also going to be one of the smartest buildings in Europe. Integrating ‘Internet of Things’-ideals into the design will allow optimization of everything from access and indoor climate control to maintenance and energy-supply – and even the behaviour of the users.

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