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How this mosque is different from others?

It’s a mosque in Abu Dhabi that serves the dual objectives of creating an uplifting, spiritual space thus catering to the practical needs of the worshippers as well as addressing the character of the district. What features distinguish this mosque from the rest – do you know?

Dubai-based X-Architects have successfully blended the architectural avant-garde and traditional Islamic architecture while designing the Al Dana Mosque. The design connects beautifully the religious context with harmonious integration into the urban realities of Abu Dhabi. In fact, the 2,200 m2 project was inspired by so-called ripple marks – the wave-shaped movements and line patterns often found in sand dunes.

The mosque is located facing the marina in Al Raha beach development, Abu Dhabi. The mosque’s plot is located on a public seaside promenade facing the marina, allowing for a context-inspired design that maintains harmony with the immediate surroundings. The project is meant to serve as a public space as well as a religious space, with the plaza inspired by a traditional Sahn or courtyard serving as a connection.

This mosque is special in several aspects. First of all, it’s the structure that makes it unique. Its structure is complete from the traditional structure of the mosques we generally see. The leaning domes remind us the shifting sand dunes of its nearby environment. The leaning dome plays a pivotal role in defining the mosque as an urban lantern at night. During the day, the high oculus brings daylight into the space, forming a spiritual connection with the earthy interior and the heavenly skies.

Another important aspect of this mosque is that it offers a well-articulated, spatially unique prayer hall for females and considers it as the main component of the design, rather than an annex or extension. The proposal draws attention to gender equality from a practical point of view. In fact, this is vividly reflected in the form and mass articulation of the mosque.

Also, this mosque gives lot of significance to energy conservation. Elements like oculi, wall perforations, and natural light filtration are some of the building’s sustainability measures.

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