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Vevra launches hospital pods to fight COVID-19

To fight COVID-19 pandemic and other contagious and airborne diseases, Bangalore based architecture  firm Vevra has tied up with Portugal based healthcare IoT InnoWave Group to launch Vevra Pods, designed as a set of movable capsules, integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), that aim to assist in the infrastructure of local/private/government hospitals across India.

The moveable hospitals, according to the company help with the containment of contagious and airborne diseases. These pods come in five variants; General pod, ICU pod, doctors stay pod, operation theatre pod, and scanning room pod. Each pod can accommodate 4-9 beds. The set-up of these pods requires minimum 500 square feet and these pods can be annexed to the existing hospital building, parking lot, or other open spaces in the hospital premises.

The fully furnished modular pods come with advanced IoT solutions at the heart of its operation on ViGIE+ platform by InnoWave. This infrastructure consists of antechamber airlock rooms to provide a safe area for healthcare professionals with antibacterial walls and surface.

It also controls the quantity and quality of the air being circulated in and out of the room with a minimum of 12 air changes per hour through HEPA filters, UVC lights, high-end exhaust system with PLC integrated air conditioning system to help in maintaining the temperature and humidity within.

The ViGIE+ platform is used for collecting and visualising data from different sensors installed inside and provide real-time alarms if environmental conditions change. The solution can reportedly be quickly and easily deployed in remote areas that are not easily accessible to hospital staff as well outside of the main hospital buildings to avoid any risk of the virus spreading.

These are re-usable after pandemic with 15 to 20 years’ structural warranty and can be moved to any remote location in the world. There is also sufficient UPS power backup with earthing connection to each pod and I-3 processor Laptop loaded with AI, RFID and MS office. RFID (radiofrequency identification) controlled entry and exit. These pods monitor environmental conditions, air quality, medical equipment, oxygen supply and HVAC conditions of the pod.

With 12 years of history and headquarters in Portugal, the InnoWave Group has become a global player of excellence, currently employing around 350 employees worldwide, with a solid presence in India. InnoWave is today a reference in the creation of innovative solutions, which contribute to improving the quality of life of the world population.

VEVRA is an Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firm based out of Bangalore. VEVRA has a team of 40 expectation Architects & Engineers and 100+ Construction team. The group is handling more than 50+ large/medium scale industrial and commercial projects across India.

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