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This fan cools your room and kills Corona too

We have seen paints, wooden panels, air fresheners, etc., that can kill virus while performing their primary functions. Now there is one more item to this growing number of items of daily usage, that is, ceiling fans!

Polycab India Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of Wires and Cables in India, has launched Purocoat Antivirus Fans, India’s first anti-virus ceiling fan. These anti-virus fans are manufactured with Nanova Hygiene+TM Technology under its Purocoat Antivirus Range. The range includes Eleganz Floral, Eleganz D’Ziner, Eleganz, India Glory, Crystal, Regalia, Ambiance and Woodart. The nanova coating on these fans also increases the life span, making them durable and last longer compared to regular fans.

The Polycab’s Purocoat Antivirus Range of products have been tested in third party labs and it has been found that “Purocoat Antivirus Fans”, through the Nanova Hygiene+TM Technology, are capable of neutralizing the contaminating microorganisms/germs like bacteria, virus etc. This range of fans are BTS certified, which is one of the most prominent quality testing certifications for Antimicrobial Testing.

“Polycab’s PuroCoat Antivirus Fans is a proposition from the company about the relentlessly efforts towards innovations in products and experience we can offer customers, to bring about a positive difference in their living. Every design reflects the evolving needs of the time and Polycab’s commitment to fulfill them,” says Manoj Verma, Executive President and Chief Operating Officer, Polycab India Ltd.

Polycab India Limited (PIL) is a leading Electricals brand with over Rs 88 billion revenue. PIL is the largest manufacturer of Wires and Cables in India and a fast-growing player in the FMEG space. PIL manufactures and sells various types of cables, wires, electric fans, LED lighting and luminaires, switches and switchgears, solar products, pumps and conduits and accessories.

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