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This air purifier can disrupt the way you purify your room!

This products’ performance on the market can be matched only by Salman Khan movies. If the current sales trend is any indication, this air purifier can soon invade most of the Indian houses. Invented by a few Delhi IIT engineers and supported by Professors, Nanoclean AC Filters, sold at Rs 399, has already been sold 15000 pieces within three weeks of its launch.

Nanoclean AC Filters is invented by Prateek Sharma, an IIT-Delhi alumnus who with a dream team consisting of fellow IIITians, Tushar Vyas and Jatin Kewlani, supported by faculty members, Prof Ashwini Agrawal and Prof Manjeet Jassal. The team has already established an award-winning startup, Nanoclean Global Private Ltd which develops low-cost preventive measures for polluted air and innovations for air filtration.

Nanoclean was awarded the National Startups Award by former President Pranab Mukherjee in 2017, recognised among the top 25 technical startups from over 118 countries by the Republic of Korea and selected among Top 100 Startups in the World by the Hong Kong government, making it the only Indian startup to achieve this feat.

Costing as low as Rs 400, this device has been designed to complement existing filtering screens of wall-mounted air conditioners. Simply put, it converts your AC into an air purifier at no recurring electricity cost, using nanotechnology. It removes PM2.5 and other Micro-Particle pollutants from the air inside homes while cooling it at an affordable cost.

And so for those who do not have ACs at home but want to combat indoor pollution, the innovators have also developed the ‘Nasofilters Pollution Net.’ Designed to replace mosquito net on existing doors and windows, it allows the home to be free of PM 2.5 & 10 particles, dust, UV rays, and allergens. The outer layer of the net is a hydrophobic mesh, which repels water and makes it water-resistant. It is a three-structured net, while the first layer is designed to fit the net in existing moulds of the doors and windows, another white layer ensures water resistance and provides protection from harmful UV rays. Sandwiched between the two layers is the nanofiber layer which filters PM 2.5 PM matter. With durability of up to five years, unlike the AC filter which needs to be replaced every month, the pollution net can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The cost of installing the pollution net on all doors and windows of a 2BHK home may come up to Rs 7,000-8,000.




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