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These robots made in India can bring about ‘sweeping changes’

Milagrow, India’s No.1 service robots’ brand, has launched three new robots – Milagrow iMap Max, Milagrow iMap 10.0 and Milagrow Seagull which can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes.

The robots have been launched after 3 years of research and development effort keeping in mind the space management patterns of the Indian conditions. Milagrow iMap Max – World’s 1st-floor wet mopping and vacuuming robot which can self-clean its mops with a pressure of 40N. This fully independent, self-cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner has a patented wet mopping mechanism which comes down and puts pressure of 10 N on the floor by two hydraulic shafts, based on an AI algorithm. This extra pressure on the floor cleans the most stubborn dirt and stains from the floor like those of coffee and sauce, etc. After mopping a certain area, iMAP Max returns to base for self-cleaning. Before cleaning the fabric, the wash base sprinkles clean water on the dirty mop. Then the scraper, driven by a high-power motor, applies a pressure of 40 N on the dirty mop to scrape it clean before allowing it to go back again for vacuuming and wet mopping. The robot will go back and start cleaning from where it came back as the cleaning map is memorized.

The highly specified iMap 10.0 comes with iMap LIDAR, which is highly specified and can form real-time maps by scanning up to 16m, 2160/second with an accuracy of up to 8mm. Featuring as many as 18 sensors, the robot can plan its path fast and display cleaned and left out areas in real-time on the user’s mobile screen. It has an octa-core CPU to facilitate faster response time. iMap 10.0’s Electronic Water Tank has been modified to take Sodium Hypochlorite 1 per cent solution to kill COVID-19 spores on floor, as recommended by ICMR. It also has a Super Silent Japanese Brushless Suction motor with 4 suction levels from 800 to 2700 pa and an antibacterial microfiber cloth.

Milagrow Seagull, the Gyro Mapping Floor Cleaning Robot with a height of just of 7.2 cm uses the ‘Gyro Mapping’ technology to determine orientation. Milagrow Seagull will display the real-time progress and map while cleaning on the user’s device. The robot plans the path in real-time in each area to reduce the time taken. With its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral (0.5 microns) properties, Milagrow Seagull helps minimize the spread of infections in hospitals and similar environments. These microfibers can attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles – ones that normal cloth fibers crudely brush past. The robot can facilitate slight wet cleaning.

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