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Sub-Zero Wolf to open experience centre in Delhi

Sub-Zero Wolf, the iconic American brand, entered the Indian market in 2009 with its first retail outlet in Mumbai and through it’s premium dealers, will soon open an experience centre in Delhi.

Sub-Zero Wolf, one of India’s best luxury kitchen appliances brand in India, houses a range of premium appliances that deliver efficiency along with a flair of elegance and exuberant luxury, addressing the needs and aspirations of the most discerning chefs and households worldwide.  Sub-Zero invented advanced food preservation technology that merges seamlessly with a dual refrigeration system – controlled by microprocessors and magnetic sealed doors. Thus, it maintains an ideal temperature of refrigeration and the perfect level of moist which is essential to keep the food fresh for consumption.

Its patented, NASA inspired air purification system scrubs the air off odours, mould, bacteria, viruses and ethylene gas. The magnetic sealed doors prevent air leaks and reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, freshness & taste of the water is preserved by the advance water filtration that reduces particles & pollutants, while the ease of maintenance access is achieved by the flip up grille.

In any modular kitchen set up, a built-in space for kitchen appliances should be kept in mind. Sub-Zero’s 30 models of different sizes and configurations is offering design flexibility unmatched by any other brand.

Wolf offers three distinct design styles – transitional, contemporary, and professional, relating to the design language of the interior designer and the end-consumer.

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