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Steelcase to distribute m.a.d. Furniture Design Collections in Asia

Steelcase announces a new relationship with m.a.d Furniture Design, a leading furniture designer developing thoughtful, accessible and design-driven furnishings for the modern urban dweller. This relationship will focus on distribution in the rapidly expanding markets of China and India. The m.a.d collection augments the extensive Steelcase portfolio of office furniture, technology and architecture, offering expanded design options, easily accessed through the largest dealer network in the industry. 

In 2010, m.a.d. Furniture Design was founded by longtime collaborators Matt Cole, Dan Given, and Mark Daniel. After spending a decade designing and manufacturing products for brands across the globe, the team decided to embark on their own quest to develop thoughtful, accessible, and design-driven furniture for the modern urban dweller. Based in Southern China, m.a.d. Furniture Design sources the highest quality materials and monitors the durability of each design at the company’s state-of-the-art ‘m.a.d. lab,’ a product development testing facility and production assembly plant. With a strong engineering heritage, the company leverages its expertise to develop elegant, innovative, and contemporary furniture that exceeds international quality standards. 

Steelcase partners with a diverse network of thought-leaders and organizations around the world. These partners enrich its offering, contribute to continuous learning and promise greater value to their customers. m.a.d. Furniture Design is the latest of recently announced global and regional Steelcase partners.




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