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Pacific industries to diversify into quartz business

Pacific Industries (PIL) is planning to enter the quartz manufacturing business where there are good exports prospects. PIL is presently engaged in production and export of polished granite slabs, cut-to-size polished granite tiles, polished marble slabs and polished natural stones. It also trades and export in granite/marble slabs & tiles, rough granite/marble blocks, sand stone, slate stone and all other kinds of stone.

The company plans to set up the project at Village Bedla, near Udaipur in Rajasthan. This Quartz Project would be to diversify the business of polished granite slabs through installation of two automatic production line for artificial quartz slabs. The total cost of setting up of the project is Rs. 56.65 crore. Work on the project has already started and is expected to commission this financial year itself.

While domestic market for Quartz is pegged at Rs 500 crore, US market is 100 times bigger than that and that’s why most of the Quartz manufacturers are concentrating on US markets as it presents bigger opportunities. Granites are going out of fashion and especially in USA Quartz has taken over its place. Granites are losing sheen as no new colours are coming to the market. It’s believed that amongst all the hard surfaces in the US, Quartz is growing at the fastest rate. USA has always been a trendsetter and the same situation may be seen in India too in the coming years.

Besides USA, other countries like United Kingdom, Lebanon, UAE, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc have also good demand of quartz surfaces. According to a survey, the share of quartz will be further increased next year as demand for quartz is growing across the world on account of aesthetics, durability, strength, variety and less wastage or damage compared to natural marble.

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