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Orient unveils LED lights with flicker control tech

Orient Electric on Monday launches LED lights with flicker control technology which reduces the harmful invisible flicker present in LED light that results in eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue and many other health complications.

Flicker is the rapid change in brightness of LED light, and it is of two types, visible and invisible. Visible flicker can be detected by eyes, and the frequency generally is below 100 hertz and hence is easier to avoid or control. The invisible flicker is the one that we all should be concerned about. This flicker is a rapid fluctuation with frequency above 100 hertz that human eye cannot detect.

One can easily experience this invisible LED flicker with the help of a smartphone by simply seeing the normal LED Lights in slow motion video mode of the smartphone camera. This flicker in the light is seen sometimes in form of striations and sometimes just as a strong flicker.

Anshuman Chakravarty, Head Brand & Corporate Communication, Orient Electric Limited said, “The Flicker Control Technology in our new EyeLuv LED range controls the harmful invisible LED flicker thus making it safer and better for overall eye health.”




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