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CenturyPly launches e-shop operations

Century Plyboards (India) Ltd, one of the leading players in wood panel industry, has launched CenturyPly e-shop operation across pan India. CenturyPly is the first to introduce its own shopping platform where consumers can now browse and buy brand products directly from the company website and purchase their product of choice.

On this shop, customers can login in through their phones, tablets, laptops or desktops and enjoy the convenience of browsing through the entire range of products that CenturyPly offers, order them and get delivery of them at their doorsteps. This facility is available on across India. CenturyPly will be selling Plywood, Doors, Laminates, Stark PVC, MDF on this platform.

With sales expected to jump in the second quarter of FY21 due to the pandemic-induced lockdown and consumers’ increasing propensity to digital consumption, this diversification will bring a momentum in the brand-consumer relationship.

Consumers sometimes get duped while buying plywood from offline retail market due to presence of duplicate products in market. This issue of authenticity and quality will be completely addressed while buying online as consumers will buy directly from CenturyPly, a brand that always shows commitment and loyalty towards its consumers.

With the application of the company’s maximum potential to gain momentum, CenturyPly is aiming to reach the increasing number of net savvy consumers along with widening business opportunities in Indian plywood market.

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