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Let the 2020 be turning point in our life

We are entering the year 2020 with some bitter memories of year just gone by, i.e., 2019. By the way, we are not just entering new year but also a new decade. Therefore, its special and also an occasion to make amends to our past mistakes.

Year 2019 was bad for almost all the sectors and the clue for the same was available in 2018 itself which all of us ignored for reasons unknown. We need to be careful not to carry forward the luggage of 2019 to the next year. We should treat 2019 as a learning experience and try to ensure that 2020 is a rewarding year.

One of the most important tasks for 2020 is to get the economy back on track because this economic slowdown is contagious and can destroy whatever positive we have achieved in last few years. That’s why Budget 2020 will be a very crucial event and hopefully it helps the economy to turn around. People and the industry have high hopes about the forthcoming budget and the government should take it as challenge to meet the aspirations of over one billion population of the country.

It has been more than a year since our industry, especially small sized entrepreneurs, is struggling to cope with the problem of liquidity crisis. With liquidity crisis deepening, bigger companies are giving increased emphasis to working capital management which has further aggravated the condition of the small time operators. The government’s efforts to infuse more liquidity into the economy has not paid any desired results so far and hopefully the trend will be reversed in the new year. This hope gets more strength from the fact that some of the measures announced by the government were towards the end of the calendar year and its impact could be seen with some time lag.

The government has already announced its plans and goals to make available drinking water for all households by 2024. The programme was announced in 2019 and it has not gained the same momentum as we have seen in case of Swachh Bharat Mission or PMAY. Yes, we are in the first year of the programme and it may be too early to expect that kind of momentum now. However, there is nothing wrong to expect increased pace of programme implementation in 2020.

The new decade also points to the fact that we have ten years on hand to meet our Paris Convention commitments. Though the measures taken so far indicate that India is on track to meet her commitments, time has come for us to take a lead on the subject and set an example for others to follow. The new decade, if some analysts and experts are to be believed, would see a hectic construction activity as 70% new houses would have to be built in this period. Therefore, Green Movement in India should pick up its pace and coverage and should become an all India phenomenon.  We need to move far ahead of the ‘odd-even’ mindset to make some mark on the issue.  Green building concept should be made mandatory for all new constructions and unless that happens we may not be able to meet our climate change commitments.

Year 2020 is the beginning of the new decade and its in our hands to ensure that the new decade belongs to us. Efforts in that direction should start from the new year itself without wasting any further time. We cannot afford to see another decade slipping out of hand.

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