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Conserve Energy, Go Green

‘We do not inherit the earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children’

Each one of us uses energy in some form or the other all day long, throughout the year. Almost every small thing we do requires energy right from transportation to lighting, cooling to cooking, and even entertainment.  What is energy conservation?  Energy conservation means making an effort to reduce the consumption of natural energy sources like electricity, water and so on. why is energy conservation important? If we do not conserve energy, the energy will exhaust and we will have nothing to use.  Also, it is important when it comes to climate change.  Currently, erratic climate changes are the greatest threats that we are facing today.

The world is changing. Shifting social patterns are creating a new sense of public space. Innovative technology is enabling us to be more connected than even before. Rampant individualism is feeling fantasy world and crowd events. Dwindling resources are triggering a search for ecological balance and sustainability. The building that house, surround and accommodate these changes still carry 19th century name tags; yet their meaning has radically changed. The consumption of resources, such as fossil-based energy is continuously rising, just like the demand for energy-based comfort.

There is a close connection between today’s building designs and the increasing energy crisis, which is rising day by day. What are commercial spaces today?  It is no longer restricted to a single person who comes to work at 9am and go back at 6pm. Today, they are a brand that stands for the design expertise, precision workmanship and optimum comfort.

For designing any energy-efficient building, the landscape design too is fundamental in synchronising the building with the climatology. Creating green patches next to the external facade can cute radiation of heat from outside to inside of the building drastically. Growing shrubs and trees, of chosen shapes and foliage, planted based on the landscape design principles further cuts down the heat absorption by the buildings. Introduction of water bodies, open to sky, inside the outside the building helps bring in evaporate cooling. Sometimes, it seems strange to design a building only for things. Things that need only boxes. And yet, the industrial age already revealed in designing massive storage facilities for water, electricity and goods.

Embracing an energy-efficient lifestyle today will help get a better life tomorrow. Let us all slow down the demand for energy and give a better future for our coming generations.

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